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The bothy songs and dance tunes of the farming communities, the gospel music of the fisher folk and the great traditions of the pipes and fiddles.


Principal Collectors of Song, Music & Dance

Biographical notes on our best-known collectors and collators of Aberdeenshire's music and song.

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Pipes and Pipers

The Piob Mhor - the Great Highland Bagpipe, the musical instrument that has been associated with Scotland, in both war and peace, for centuries past.

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Fiddles and Fiddlers

Musicians' notes on the instrument, its history and the tunes that lie at the heart of our traditional music and dance culture.

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Flute Bands

In the mid 1800s "the demon drink" was a problem for some in the fisher community. Temperance Societies began to organise walks in order to gain support for the movement and when the fishermen formed flute bands to accompany the walkers a new tradition was born.

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Bothy Ballads

The home-made music and song of the farm servants' meagre quarters, its roots and place in today's culture.

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