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A study of the communities and individuals who through the years helped shape the character of modern day Aberdeenshire.


The Sea

For generations past the coastal communities of Aberdeenshire have depended on the sea for their livelihood. Mariners from these towns and villages have sailed the world, from the tropics and southern seas to the frozen waste s of the Arctic.

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The Land

The story of how the farming community tamed the wild North East landscape and developed it into Scotland's most productive farm land.

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The North East at War

North East folk recall their memories of World Wars I and II.

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Travelling Folk

The bearers of Scotland's ancient lore and traditions.

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Customs and Beliefs

From the witches and warlocks of ancient Aberdeenshire to the customs and beliefs of today's society.

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Local Worthies

Biographical notes on some of those who through some personal achievement found a place in local history.

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Robert Burns in Banff

Christina Ord of the Banff Preservation Society reports on the Bard's visit to Banff in 1787.

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The Diary of Robert Walker

A fascinating insight into the life and times of a Buchan born Victorian gentleman with a broad range of interests and pursuits.

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