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The story so far . . . .

27th January 2012.

SWD web pages go online today!

17th January 2012.

First sound bites from Dales Park School uploaded to website.

28 - 29 November 2011.

Ross Whyte played recordings of the electroacoustic pieces of music that he and Pete Stollery have composed specially for this music project. Ross described the natural sounds he had recorded around the harbour in Peterhead. He explained how the music is made and asked the children to listen out for familiar Peterhead sounds in each piece. The children then had a go at recording some of their own 'sounds of the sea'. Already we have lots of material and ideas; we're beginning to shape-up how the show might look / sound as it opens.

30 August - 2 September 2011.

Our first visits to both schools! Lots of 'getting to know you', discussion and trying out different ideas. The children really enjoy getting their hands on the percussion instruments to create sounds and rhythms. We listened to some whale-song and used our voices and instruments to imitate their beautiful, strange sounds. Sometimes the children play their music in small / large groups on their own, and other times Ken and Jo play amongst them too. Mixing music and movement sessions throughout each day.

June 16th 2011.

Ken, Jo and Claire to Peterhead. Visited schools to discuss project. Met with David Atherton (Aberdeenshire Education) Lorna McLaren (YMI Project Co-ordinator) and then to the North East Folklore Archive, Mintlaw, to meet and discuss website hosting and possible use of the recording studio with Gavin Sutherland (Projects Manager NEFA and ARC Recording Studio).


Old Tarlair

Peterhead North Harbour in the days of the great steam drifter fleet.



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