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Dales Park School badge.

Dales Park School badge.


Notes and poems, 1/2/12:

I am Emily. I enjoyed working with Jo and Ken when we were playing the instruments. The first day we met Jo and Ken I was so excited because I like music. As soon as I saw Ken and Jo I had a smile on my face. When we played our music, it was beautiful.
Emily P5

Oil Rigs
My brothers go offshore a lot and when they do I feel all alone, but it's their job. They go all over the world and when they get home they have to go away again. Right now one of my brothers is in Spain. He bought an amazing house. My other brother is here in Peterhead. I would never work on an oil rig.
Hannah P5

Wintery weather in the Arctic Circle
Hunting for whales all day long
Attacking the whales with our lethal harpoons
Lying dead are the whales we killed
I feel a bit sorry for those innocent whales
Now I'm freezing cold and miss my family
Going home is brilliant, through very rough seas.
Scott P6

The first time Joe and Ken came in I was so excited. As soon as they arrived my face lit up with a big smile. When Joe and Ken told us what we were going to do, I thought that it would be so much fun. Joe also played her clarinet. She was amazing at playing her clarinet. Then we got instruments and played a tune. The instrument I got was cymbals. We called the song Magic Drilling Beats. When Joe and Ken come it is a fantastic experience.
Megan D P6

My name is Fiona Connell. I loved making music with Joe and Ken. We named a piece of our music. We called it Magical Drilling Beats. We sang a song that Ken wrote and it was called The Seal Pup Song. Singing the song was really, really fun. I was amazed because I thought that we would be just singing and playing instruments (wonderfully). Joe played her clarinet. I think Joe is a brilliant clarinet player.
Fiona P6

Whaling for blubber
Having a very bad time
Also hoping to get home
Living on a boat
In the blistering cold
Not a very good life
Got to earn our pay.
Ryan P6

Magical Drilling Beat
Ken taught us a song called the Seal Pup Song and it was really fun. Experiencing all the instruments and playing music with them was brilliant. Never a dull moment when we were playing the music we made. Amazing music floating all around the air, soothing in our ears. No-one has heard the music for a while and we can't wait to hear it again. Deciding what instruments to use was very tricky because they all sounded beautiful. Jo plays the clarinet and she is absolutely fantastic at it. Ourselves, Ken and Jo are putting on a show at the Community Centre Theatre in May.
Nikki P6

Sailing out to sea
Always getting our pay
Instead of sitting in our homes
Loathing every day
Incredible glancing at the whales
Now time to store the blubber
Getting our money at the end of the trip and finally spotting our families.
Molly P6

Sail across the icy sea
Arctic Sea is where we be
Icebergs are all we see
Lashing cold into our faces
Icy water in spaces
Now I miss my family
Going home is a relief.
Adam P6


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