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The Ledger of The Polar Star

Extracts from the famous ship's accounts ledger from her build and launch in Peterhead in 1857 to her sale to Dundee in 1882

Ledger of the Polar Star


Ledger Pages 253 - 375

Notes on Principal Share Holders, 1857-1882

Mr Charles Brand of Ravenscraig, by Peterhead, (1806-1870). Farmer, miller and commercial merchant. Married Amelia Sutter (1813-1867), Peterhead, March 1834. Children: Isabella, 1835, Amelia, 1837, Charles, 1839, Mary, 1840, William, 1848-1869. His shares latterly owned by James Shivas of New Pitsligo.

Mr David Ewan, Shipmaster, Peterhead.
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Mrs Margaret Fraser, Banff, latterly shares with Mrs Wm Lumsden and then Charles Innes, Banff.

Mr William Lillie, Wright, Peterhead.

Mr David Mitchell, Draper, Peterhead.
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Mr William Mitchell, Ironmonger, Peterhead.
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Mr James Mitchell Snr, Manufacturer, Peterhead.
Father of ship owners William and David Mitchell.

Mr James Mitchell Jnr, (1825-????) Draper, Peterhead.
Brother of ship owners William and David Mitchell.

Mr Paul Margetson of Balham Hill, London. Born Bermondsey, Surrey, 1814.
Leather Manufacturer of Burmondsey. His connection with the Peterhead whaling trade is, to date, unknown.

Mr John Shewan, Farmer, Cairnhill, St Fergus

Robert Walker Esq. of Richmond by Peterhead.
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