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The Ledger of The Polar Star

Extracts from the famous ship's accounts ledger from her build and launch in Peterhead in 1857 to her sale to Dundee in 1882

old coins


For those unfamiliar with pre UK coinage prior to decimalisation in 1971, the accounts in this ledger were kept in the currency of the day, i.e. Pounds, represented by an or L from the latin 'libra'; Shillings, represented by an s. from the latin 'solidus' (or often by the sign /-) and Pence or Pennies, represented by a d. from the latin 'denarius'.
So, for example, five pounds, ten shillings and sixpence would be written as 5/10/6d.

You will also see in the 'pennies' column a '' which represents a half-penny or 'hay-p-ny'. The penny could also be further broken down into pennies or 'farthings'.

Extract 1: The Cost of Building and fitting out The "Polar Star".

Extract 2: Provisions Account, 1857.

Extract 3: Wages Account, 1857.

Extract 4: Cargo Account, 1857.

Extract 5: Stock Account, 1857.

Extract 6: Notes on the Principal Shareholders, 1857-1882.


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