The Banff and Buchan Collection

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Listen to these artists:

George Barclay reciting the beginning of the North East classic 'The Flech' (NEFA 1994.027.08).

Charles Birnie talking about North East words (NEFA 1994.015.04).

Mima Borwick singing a verse of 'The Woman's Complaint' (NEFA 1994.010.05-06).

Andy Dey talking about his early working days (NEFA 1994.058.03) and singing a verse of his own parody of 'Grannie's Hielan Hame' (NEFA 1994.059.01).

Jock Duncan telling of his early concert party experiences with The Fyvie Loons an Quines (NEFA 1994.061.11).

Gordon Easton singing a verse of the World War I era local song, 'Tyrie Kirk' (NEFA 1994.018.13).

Norman Fordyce talking about mid-twentieth century jazz in the North East (NEFA 1994.022.09-10).

Alex Forsythe talking about how he used to plough with a cow and horse pair (NEFA 1994.038.14).

Jessie Hislop and Elizabeth Stewart playing 'The Harvest Home' on fiddle and accordion (NEFA 1994.031.06).

Marion Johnstone recites the Hogmanay rhyme 'Rise Up Gweed Wife' (NEFA 1994.060.04).

Bill McKinnon singing a verse of 'The Demise o the Craftie' (NEFA 1994.006.12).

George Murray playing a pipe march on moothie (NEFA 1994.073.12).

Murray Smythe talks about feeing fairs (NEFA 1994.044.01) and farm servants' entertainments and composing songs (NEFA 1994.044.02).

Audrey and Gordon Steele playing Austrian tunes on accordions (NEFA 1994.054.13).

Elizabeth Stewart singing a verse of 'The Gallant Forty-Twa' (NEFA 1994.031.01).

Myra Thow on the chaumer lads' entertainment (NEFA 1994.075.11).

Jane Turriff singing a verse of 'My Wee Doggie' (NEFA 1994.041.01).

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